KSYOS Health Management Research Institute

Practical, scientific research is indispensable for KSYOS. This is how we identify all the possibilities in relation to the introduction of TeleMedicine services and how we convince relevant parties of the need to apply innovative techniques and innovative working constructions in healthcare.

KSYOS has worked out a unique research model for this, with subsidy from SenterNovem, now RVO.nl, the implementing agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Using this Health Management Research model we investigate the degree to which TeleMedicine services contribute to efficiency gains in healthcare. We define efficiency gains as: more pleasure taken in work, higher production volume and better quality at lower or the same costs. The model therefore has the goal of developing TeleMedicine services geared to demand which are moreover profitable.

The Health Management Research model involves four phases

The results of each phase are published in a research report and where possible also in (international) scientific literature. You can read more about the Health Management Research model in this paper.

In Phase 1, KSYOS develops a specific TeleMedicine service, which is tested internally for usability in practice.

In Phase 2, 10 to 20 future users test this TeleMedicine service for usability in practice.

In Phase 3, 50 to 100 future users test whether the TeleMedicine service actually contributes to improved efficiency in the healthcare process: higher production volume and/or better quality at lower or the same costs.

In Phase 4, as many users as possible test the consequences of large-scale use of the TeleMedicine service. We then investigate the logistical and financial feasibility.