The KSYOS TeleMedical Centre is in full swing. Curious about our mission and employees? Or would you perhaps like to know more about our activities in practice? Click on our organisation. KSYOS also devotes a great deal of attention to research into TeleMedicine and the application of TeleMedicine services. We use a unique research model and also carry out research commissioned by third parties. We invite you to read more about this.


Our mission is to improve efficiency in the regular healthcare process so that future healthcare remains accessible and affordable – despite a substantial increase in demand.


Why choose KSYOS TeleMedicine services?

  • Complete range– KSYOS offers a broad range of services, such as TeleCardiology, TeleHolter, TeleDermatologyTeleOphthalmologyTelePulmonology.
  • Ease of use– The systems are extremely user friendly. KSYOS takes care of everything for you from A to Z, including installation at your surgery, accredited refresher training with personal instruction, support from our help desk and links to your GP Information System;
  • Patient-friendly– The shift to primary care results in fast diagnoses, elimination of waiting times and lower costs for the patient;
  • Secure – The use of the UZI pass and login codes guarantees full protection of patient data.

You can find more information about the various TeleMedicine servicesOr contact us.