Why KSYOS TeleOphthalmology?

  • Quick diagnosis for the patient (5 hours on average)
  • Strengthening of the local chain
  • Increase in the expertise and pleasure taken in their work by the general practitioner and optometrist
  • Creation of digital transmural fundus dossier
  • Shift from secondary to primary care
  • Installation of professional ICT infrastructure
  • Accredited training

What is TeleOphthalmology?

With KSYOS TeleOphthalmology, fundus photographs including additional data and an assessment are exchanged securely via the internet within the local chain. The system is used in first instance for the periodic fundus screening of diabetes patients. KSYOS TeleOphthalmology prevents 90 percent of referrals to the ophthalmologist. It also improves the quality of care and the doctors take more pleasure in their work.

Ready to start or want more information?

Starting KSYOS TeleOphthalmology is easy.

Sign up hereĀ or phone +44 (0) 207 863 7970. KSYOS will visit you for the installation and explanation of KSYOS TeleOphthalmology.