Why TeleDermatoScopy?


TeleDermatoScopy can be an important additional resource in the early detection of skin malignancies and reassuring the patient.

In cooperation with the Academic Medical Centre (AMC) a pilot was conducted to study the diagnostic reliability of TeleDermatoScopy. The conclusions of this study were:

  • In all cases of skin cancer, the dermatologist proposed the right treatment plan.
  • The quality of the photos had an effect on the diagnostic reliability and accuracy.



The following also emerged after 1,200 TeleDermatoScopy Consults:

  • Quick diagnosis for the patient (8.7 hours on average)
  • 66% of referrals prevented after selection by the general practitioner
  • Increase in the expertise and pleasure taken in their work by the general practitioner and dermatologist
  • Triage (determination of referral period, specialist, outpatient)


KSYOS TeleDermatoScopy

KSYOS TeleDermatoScopy enables you to remotely consult regional dermatologists in a low-threshold manner. TeleDermatoScopy is part of TeleDermatology and is particularly suitable for assessing solitary skin lesions. You receive the following from KSYOS free of charge:

  • Digital dermatoscope (incl. software)
  • Digital TeleDermatology camera (incl. maintenance)
  • Accredited refresher training with training in use of dermatoscope
  • Link with all GP Information Systems, iPhone, Prescriptor, OZIS, ZorgDomein
  • Medical liability insurance

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How does TeleDermatoScopy work?

Clinical and dermatoscopic photographs of the skin, medical histories and additional information are sent to the dermatologist for advice via a secure internet connection.

You always attach at least 1 clinical overview photo (body part), 1 clinical detail photo (macro) and 1 dermatoscopic photo (lesion entirely in the picture) to a TeleDermatoScopy Consult:

TDscopie Consult 3 fotos

Digital Dermoscope

KSYOS makes the Dino-Lite digital dermatoscope available free of charge, including installation and training in its use.


  • Easy: the polarisation filter means that the use of oil is superfluous
  • Quick: the live image enables you to take several photos very quickly
  • Digital: the dermatoscopic photos can then be stored digitally.



Starting TeleDermatoScopy

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