TeleMedicine Services

Because of growing pressure on healthcare, healthcare processes need to be reorganised. An effective way of achieving more efficiency is by using TeleMedicine.

What is TeleMedicine?

TeleMedicine is all about fast, effective communication between healthcare providers via the internet. This allows healthcare providers to share knowledge, diagnoses, treatment plans, medical histories and photographs. As such TeleMedicine results in faster diagnoses, a significant increase in productivity per healthcare provider and lower costs per patient.

The KSYOS TeleMedical Centre is the institution for specialist medical care which engages in the research, development and provision of these TeleMedicine services. Reliable, innovative and a well-informed partner. That is what you can expect from us.

Advantages of TeleMedicine

  • The patient is given advice within two working days on the diagnosis and treatment and in most cases no longer has to visit a specialist;
  • The general practitioner coordinates the healthcare process and learns more about specialist care. General practitioners experience a significant learning effect and increased pleasure in their work;
  • The specialist sees a saving in time and can consequently treat more patients with complex conditions (higher productivity). This also means they can take more pleasure in their work.

What services are possible via TeleMedicine?

KSYOS offers the following TeleMedicine services:

KSYOS is also constantly developing new TeleMedicine services. The following services are currently being tested in research pilots:

  • TeleENT
  • TeleInternal
  • TeleAllergology